At least 20 shot, 1 fatally, in Illinois after Juneteenth celebration turns violent

20 people were shot, one killedduring some kind of gathering. Fox 32s Nate Rogers is live now inWillow Brook with what he’s learned tonight. Nate?Yeah, absolutely. I’m tian. Anthony. This was a horrific shooting indeed. We’re learning many of the victims were simply bystanders attending this event. Now, this was the third year in a row of this gathering taking place inside of this strip mall.

We’re told by full that were in attendance that we spoke to off camera that things have been were going well. It started around 04:00. Then several hours passed. Sometime after midnight, we’re told there was a fight that broke out between a group of women. After that, gunshots were fired.

I was afraid for my life. Then a young people’s life. They running an event commemorating Juneteenth turned deadly. The group of an estimated 300 people had been gathering for hours. Just before 12:30, a.m. Police were notified of fight which occurred soon after. Police say an unknown number of suspects fired multiple rounds from multiple weapons into the crowd.

Marquis Avery was there. We just started her shoot come before us. So we dropped down. We dropped down until they stopped. They just kept going. There was a mix of grounds and an actual gunshot wounds.21 people shot. One person killed, several others injured,trying to escape the chaos. It happened near Route 83 and Honeysuckle Lane.

My heart is hurting. Do they understand the purpose of June 10? We should be having fun celebrating loving on each other. But it’s happening everywhere. Bullets struck multiple vehicles and even entered to Wanda Carol’s apartment. A bullet here into her bedroom window.

Her closet and the patio glass shattered. Fortunately, she was not home at the time. Where I normally lay down on the couch, it went right over my head and hit my clock. So it was devastating. By daylight, families could be seen returning to the area to retrieve their vehicles.

Detectives spent the day combing through surveillance footage and speaking with neighbors. Neighbors say a majority of the attendees were not from the immediate area. And still a very active scene here at the strip mall. The entire strip mall. According to by crime tape, the strip mall littered with debris.

Also, many folks still returning to the scene trying to retrieve their cars, which police have not allowed them to go inside just yet. Now, we’re also still waiting to learn more details from police in terms of conditions on all of those that are injured. Again, at last check, we’re told at least 22 people were shot. One person killed.

One of those persons we’re learningto be was a popular promoter.I’m a part a popular party promoter. Excuse me. From Maywood.I’m still waiting to confirm his name with the medical examiner’s office. There’s a lady here in Willow Brook. Nate Rogers, Fox 32 Chicago.

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