Bebe Rexha Injured After Cellphone Hits Her During NYC Concert

And turning now to that onstage scare for Bebe Rexha video shows the moment the singer was hit in the head with a cell phone while she was on stage performing. So let’s discuss this topic in more depth below. With what actually happened there.

Singer Bebe Rexha was playing a sold out concert to a hometown cryo last night here in New York City when the incident happened. As Rexha made her way down the stage, a concertgoer threw a cell phone from the audience, hitting her in the face.

You can see in the you tube video Rexha falling to her knees, crew members rushing in to help. She was escorted off the stage, her mother reportedly saying she had to get stitches. 27 year old Nicholas Malvagna of New Jersey was charged with assault for throwing the phone.

Fans of the Grammy nominated, meant to be singer took to Twitter to show their support. Quote, we were all having a good time. I mean, who would even do that? We hope you’re okay.

And another tweeting, Bebe is literally one of the sweetest and most unproblematic people in the music industry. She doesn’t deserve this. Now Rexha has four upcoming shows.

It’s not clear if this will sideline her, guys. Yeah, we’ve had her here. A summer concert series couldn’t be a nicer and we hope she had a fool in recovery. Scary.

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