Bebe Rexha Reveals Black Eye After Being Hit With Fan’s Phone Mid-performance

Latest on Bebe Rexha of the fan who threw a cell phone at her face during a concert has been charged with assault. Wearing from Bebe about what happened. So she is telling her fans that she’s okay despite a cut and a black and blue eye. And according to police, the man who threw the phone said he did it because he thought it would be funny.

This morning, the 33 year old award winning singer Bebe Rexha is hovering after being hit in the face by a cell phone while performing on stage at a concert in New York City Sunday night. Read again as the cell phone hits Bebe Rexha’s left eye, the songstress kneeling down as crew members come out to help. The concert abruptly ending as Rexha’s was taken to the hospital. The fan who took the video says the incident stunned him.

They turn on the lights and we started heading for the exits. That was definitely a hard hit and really shouldn’t have happened after such a great night. Meantime, the I’m good singer I’m good, yeah, I’m feeling alright posting photos of her injuries Monday. You can see her black and blue eye and a laceration right above it. The pop star also posting this video on TikTok to let her fans know she’s okay.

“I’m good yeah, I’ll feel right a 27 year old New Jersey man was charged with assault for hurling the phone at Rexha. And this isn’t the first time a fan has acted out at a show recently. As some of the biggest pop stars are touring this summer. From Beyonce to Taylor swift and Harry styles, just how dangerous have staged performances become?

You could argue that, yes, some fans are making it extremely dangerous for both the artists and other people around. Take a look at this moment when Harry styles was allegedly hit in the eye with skittles at an l a. Show in the fall. And watch as a fan of country music star Zach Bryan seen here at a recent concert, trying to grab Brian’s guitar from him.

The singer not having it and directing his security to remove the woman behavior, that’s setting some scary precedents for live performances to contend with. Those moments go viral. People get so excited for you. And so social media has just helped make everyone think that that moment is sort of possible for them now.

The incident with Rexha has garnered more than 3 million views on Twitter. The man responsible appeared in court yesterday and was released. He didn’t enter a plea. And you guys, Rexha is scheduled to perform again in Philadelphia tonight. It’s scary. It really was scary. It’d been a lot worse.

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