Damian Lillard’s trade request from the Trail Blazers

Obi Toppin headed to the Indiana Pacers for two picks here? Well, no surprise here. I’m not thrilled. I mean, it’s something involving the Knicks, and I’m not happy. I understand why they’re doing it. I mean, when you talk about two second round picks, maybe, just maybe, if Tom found a way to play him a bit more, they could have gotten more than two second round picks.

So I’m not happy about that because I think that he’s a real talent. I think hat he’s got a lot of capabilities, and it would have been nice to see him utilize the more in New York City because I personally believe you could have gone small at times and played Julius Randall at the five and Obi Top and at the four and played them together.

That’s just my personal opinion. Having said all of that, based on the amount of time that he’s received on the court playing for Tom Sabado, i’s clearly a reasonable trade to get. You get two additional second round picks, you trade him away, but obviously you’re just basically saying, we’re going to rely, we’re going to continue to ride that gravy train that is Julius Randall and rely on him heavily, which is typical for the stubbornness of a Tom Tribute, who’s a damn good coach.

We know he’s a damn good coach, but there’s a level of greatness that I think has been exhibited by other coaches. And when I think about the guys like Ty, Lou, somebody like that potentially being available in a year or so, this is why I brought him up weeks ago as a potential replacement to Thompson. Though he’s not going anywhere right now, but coming into this season, this last season, he was definitely perceived as an individual that had to produce or else.

And I think when you consider some of the great, great coaches out there who would have utilized their personnel a bit more extensively, I think that’s something this is a clear example as to why those things should be considered in the future. It is what it is. Yeah. Of course.

The bar has been set here for the New York Knicks. They need to build on their exit in the playoffs to the Miami Heat. But Stephen A, while we have you here, I can’t not ask you about the top story of the day. Damien Lillard has requested a trade out of Portland. What do you think? I’m so proud. I’m very proud of him.

I’ve been arguing with this guy for about six years to get the hell up out of Portland, demand to be traded out of Portland. They were on a fast track to nowhere. I understand they’re accumulating young talent. I’m not trying to throw any shade on the organization whatsoever. I understand what they’re capable of. But at this particular moment in time, they just don’t have the talent to be considered a championship contender.

And when you are, Damien Lillett, one of the greatest guards we have ever seen in this game, who’s a sniper extraordinaire, the likes of which we haven’t seen in quite some time outside of Steph Curry. From that position, I don’t think you can ignore what level of significance he can bring to the equation. As far as I’m concerned, he should have been done this.

He’s wasted years, last few years in Portland. As far as I’m concerned. I’m proud of him for finally asking out, because that shows that he’s prioritizing being in a winning situation as opposed to being comfortable in Portland. Now, if you’re the Miami Heat, you make sure to go out and get him so Jimmy Butler can be your number two option, damien Lillet could be your number one option, and you can have an opportunity to get back to the NBA Finals.

To me, that’s what this is all about. I think that’s why Gabe Vincent ended up signing with the Los Angeles. Lakers.I think that the stage is set for Damien Lillet to end up in Miami. At least I hope that’s the case for both professional and personal reasons. Stephen A. Is it too early? We know that Brooke Lopez is on his way back to Milwaukee.

We know that Chris Middleton is headed back to Milwaukee. Where would you put the Miami Heat if Damien Lillard does end up on that team? Well, I think that he’s in a mix in terms of Miami Heat being a top three team in the Eastern Conference with the capabilities to knock off any of the top two teams who I consider to be Boston and obviously Milwaukee.

Milwaukee is going to be on a mission, but as far as I’m concerned, their window I don’t want to say it’s closed because they still have Yanis, but they’re vulnerable and they’ve been exposed on quite a few occasions, and Chris Middleton hasn’t looked the same since his injury. In the cose of the Boston Celtics, I think they’re the team to beat.

I think losing Marcus Smart hurts, but acquiring a seven foot three dude in porzingis who can shoot the three plus he’s a long body that can patrol, or at least help patrol, the paint area. Al Horford hasn’t gotten any young. He’s 37. Robert Williams the third, obviously, is perpetually unhealthy.

It’s a struggle to get him to play more than 40 games, which he hasn’t done the last two seasons. You needed an additional big body that could help patrol the front line and acquire somebody that can do that for you, and a porzingis who’s clearly capable of stepping away from the basket and hitting the three that just finished averaging over 23 a game this season.

I just think that’s a big time move by the Boston Celtics. They’re the clear favorites while Miami was an eight seed. We didn’t think they were going to beat Milwaukee. They did it. I thought the Knicks could take them.That didn’t happen. I thought Boston should be able to take them. That didn’t happen. And so Miami, we know because of how exceptionally well coached they are, they can make some things happen.

And that was with Jimmy Butler as their number one option. And Bam out of Bio is their number two. With a bunch of supplementary parts playing seven undrafted players, you get a guy like Damien Lillett in the mixto close the deal come crunch time, that’s something that you simply can’t put a premium on.

It’s a special, special acquisition that they should get and they should be doing everything they can to get their hands on them, because I think he keeps them as a championship contender. Damien Lillard in South Beach would be another true big three for Miami.

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