15 Most Beautiful Gender reveal nail ideas

Gender reveal nail ideas are the perfect way to celebrate any special occasion, including gender reveal parties. You can always go for the traditional pink and blue colors, or get creative with extra sparkles or embellishments. Whichever way you choose, gender reveal nails are a enjoyable way to show your support for the new arrival.

Keep scrolling for our current article when it comes to gender reveal nail ideas, suit for everyone attending a gender reveal party or having one themselves (congrats if so)!

What are good gender reveal ideas?

If you’re searching for ideas on how to reveal your baby’s gender in a small, beautiful but memorable way, the following trick might do the trick.

  • Vote for boy or girl. This gender reveal idea is best for:
  • Gender reveal baby shower combo.
  • baby clothes pose.
  • party paper
  • Ultrasound social filter.
  • Guess the baby name.

How to make gender reveal powder?

  • Mix the water with a some drops of food coloring, then slowly pour in the cornstarch, stirring until well combined.
  •  Line a baking sheet with plastic wrap and press the mixture evenly onto the coated sheet.
  • Cut into pieces, When the mixture is completely dry.
  • Pour the powder into a balloon using a funnel.

When should you do a gender reveal?

Timing: Baby showers are generally six to eight weeks before the expected due date, but gender reveal parties normaly happen shortly after you’re able to discover your baby’s biological sex. The usual time to do this is about twenty weeks.

15 Most Beautiful Gender reveal nail Art Design:

Here are the 15 Most Beautiful Gender reveal nail ideas. Hope you will like this. So let’s start.

1.  Gender reveal nail ideas

Gender reveal nail ideas 

This cute design features pink and blue tips with dreamy cloud gender reveal nail ideas on the two middle nails. Don’t forget the adorable baby feet! This is really good for you.

2. Subtle Polka Dots

Subtle Polka Dots

A very short nail design with gender reveal nail ideas, these nails have small polka dots on a natural nail base (red, green and golden polka dots on one hand). If you have a steady hand art, you can try it yourself at home.

3. Sparkle Gradient

Sparkle Gradient

These cute gender reveal nail ideas  include one nail with the classic baby toe and one nail with some gorgeous glitter and the rest of the nails have ombre tips. You can recreate it half pink and blue, or just choose one color if you have a preference on which gender you want the baby to be.

4. Pink & Blue Glitter Tips

Pink & Blue Glitter Tips

Don’t forget the glitter gender reveal nail ideas! These pink and blue French tips will be the star of the show at any other gender reveal party (second to expectant parents, of course). Try it finger ring and earrings.

5. Abstract Lines

Abstract Lines

With plenty of space, these gender reveal nail ideas include a few white color abstract lines on each nail and it’s looks unique. Try it your gender reveal party and enjoy it.

6. Every Gender Reveal Shade

Every Gender Reveal Shade

A fun gender reveal nail ideas that makes a statement, these nails use a verious shade of blue or pink on each nail. A pink or light blue color outfit go well with it.

7. Wavy Gender Reveal Nails

Wavy Gender Reveal Nails

These nails combine the dots and wavy line nail trend with gender reveal nail ideas colors. Each nail has a blue ombre  base with pink abstract wavy lines on top. That’s looks very fun!

8. Colored Marble

Colored Marble

These gorgeous nails have a black and pink marble gender reveal nail ideas with a bit of space on each nail. They’re so amazing, but you can recreate it blue in one hand and pink in the other (or you can try your favorite color based on your baby’s gender).

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9. Statement Embellishments

Statement Embellishments

These beautiful and unique gender reveal nail ideas feature a stone and a lollipop-like embellishment and a nude color design on one nail. Gold chain and finger ring go well with this.

10. Rubber Ducks & Bears

Rubber Ducks & Bears

What screams baby more than ducks and bears? If you really want to go all out with nailing your gender reveal nail ideas, these are for you. Wear it bracelet and gold chain.

11. Gender Reveal Flames

Gender Reveal Flames

Flames are a beautiful way to make a statement. The first gender reveal nail ideas is our most favorite (we like how seamlessly the blue flame meshes under the pink ombre nail). That said, if you like this nail style, the latter is another best choice.

12. Jeweled Pacifier

Jeweled Pacifier

Jeweled Pacifier These fun gender reveal nail ideas white and pink nails with a soothing design on the ring finger. Or, if you’re not a fan of statement nails, stick with a normal colored nail and a shape with a gem at the base!

13. Potential Names

Potential Names

If you are an expectant parent, these excellent and classy nails are suit for party wear. One side is a beautiful name for a boy and the other is a possible name for a girl. Not only will anyone find out the gender, but you’ll also be able to reveal the name!

14. Pink and Blue Polka Dots

Pink and Blue Polka Dots

If you don’t want to art your nails with weird baby things like feet or ducks (we feel you), these polka dot nails are simpler, yet still cute. Plus, you’ll be able to wear them outside of gender reveal nail ideas reveal without getting any weird looks.

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15. Pink & Blue Heart Tips

Pink & Blue Heart Tips

These latest gender reveal nail ideas  French tips feature textured hearts to add a unique element to the design. Pink nails on one hand and blue on the other for the suitable gender reveal! Hope you will like this and try it.

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