Juneteenth at the University of Utah

During the celebration of Juneteenth from the University of Utah, the famous professors of the university spoke about it. I would like to welcome you to the first annual University of Utah Juneteenth celebration.It is such an honor and such a pleasure to be here with you all today.

Thank you to the University of Utah for helping to lead out on this and actually recognizing Juneteenth and the importance juneteenth in our community and in this state. As in the tradition African approach to life, we seek the influence of right and righteousness. Notions of order and balance representa deeper meaning of ashe.

Ashe is the power to make things happen and produce change. So today we’re here toward flag raising. The flag has symbolic meanings. The first flag that represented the holiday of Juneteenth was created in 1997.

The Star. Not only is a nod to the Lone Star State where Juneteenth first was celebrated in 1865, but it also stands forthe freedom of every black American in all 50 safe.

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