Kourtney Kardashian Is Pregnant, Expecting 1st Child w/ Travis Barker

Kourtney Kardashian has a lot to celebrate. The Poosh founder took to Instagram on Friday to share a real, where she is seen rocking out in the audience at her husband Travis Barker’s band Blackman 82 concert, holding up a sign that reads, travis, I’m pregnant. Still work. Crow. Dirty baby. The crowd went wild at the reveal, and Travis exited the stage with a look of shock and excitement on his face as he went to embrace his wife. He picked up Court and kissed her after she revealed the happy news.

Kourtney is also mom to Mason, Penelope and Rain, all of whom she shares with ex Scott Disick, Travis’s father to Landon in Alabama, both of whom he shares with ex Shanna Moekler. She also has a close bond with Atiana De la Jolla, Shana’s daughter from the previous relationship, Axis Hollywood, previously poke with Court, and she shared about her desire to expand her family.

Speaking of weddings, courtney, great timing. Vegas 02:00 A.m. Elvis Idea the second we got to know the second we got to Vegas actually, we just started talking about the idea, and then after some eight one eight, it was just there was no option. How soon from maybe the real deal, your first wedding?

I don’t know. We’re just kind of seeing how we feel. I love that. The trailer, it showed that you said you want to have a baby in a dream world. How many babies with Travis? Because you literally it was a mom of three. I cannot believe the way you deliver. I just bow down to you. I would love to in a dream world. Oh, my gosh. What? Just that’s a lot of kids. But look at mom. No, she’s crazy. And we each have three, so six, saven, eight.

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