Kourtney Kardashians Pregnancy In Trouble! She Finally Opens Up About Sad Detail

The news took the rest of the family by surprise, but congratulations poured in for Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker from all corners of the Kar Jenner’s universe. During Travis’s concert, Kourtney pleasantly shocked her partner with an unexpected pregnancy announcement, and it didn’t take long for the well wishes to start flooding in without any commentary.

Kris Jenner posted a video clip on social media featuring Kourtney holding up a sign announcing the pregnancy to her husband. Khloe Kardashian also shared the same clip on her Instagram stories, expressing her excitement with the caption, Congratulations, my cuties. My baby is having a baby. I love you and the baby so much.

Kylie Jenner couldn’t resist diving into the comments section of Kourtney’s post, where she unleashed a flurry of emojis to vividly convey her emotions about this exciting development. While Courtney’s other sisters, Chloe, Kendall and Kylie, along with her mom Kris Jenner, have remained silent on the news, Kourtney’s stepdaughter, Alabama Barker, took to her Instagram account to share a post about Kourtney’s pregnancy.

Kourtney and Travis have maintained transparency regarding their fertility journey. During the season three premiere of the Kardashians last month, Kourtney made a revealing announcement that she and her husband had chosen to discontinue their IVF treatments. We are officially done with IVF. We would love a baby more than anything, but I just really believe in what God has in store for us.

If that’s a baby, then I believe it will happen, she said. I had seven frozen eggs from years ago, before Travis. There was a lot of pressure for me to pursue that route, but unfortunately, most of my eggs didn’t survive the thawing process. None of them progressed to the embryo stage. It’s important to clarify that freezing eggs doesn’t guarantee success.

I believe there’s a misconception where people view it as a foolproof safety net, which it isn’t. Courtney explained. The entire process of IVF took a toll on me physically. It had a lasting impact on my health due to the hormonal changes. Mentally, it was also quite challenging. So believe that finding happiness and being a good parent to my children are the top priorities. We are embracing the notion that whatever is meant to happen will happen.

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