Lea Michele Reacts To Alex Newell’s Tony Award Win

Here are all about Lea Michele. Alex Newell made history tonight as they became the first non-binary performer to win a Tony Award. “I’m not gonna hold y’all cause it’s hot in here”. Well, some like it hot, Alex. In fact, the star of that musical, J. Harrison Gee, also made history tonight as they became the second non-binary performer to win a Tony award.

Lea Michele Reacts To Alex Newell’s Tony Award Win:

Jay Harrison won lead actor in the musical while Alex Swan featured actor in musical for Shucked. “Thank you for seeing me Broadway. Being a wife to save a life, I should not be up here as a queer, non binary, fat, black little baby from Massachusetts”.

Seeing Alex walk to the stage reminded Glee fans of Alex’s own history as he made his way down the aisle. He passed Liam Shell, his former Glee costar, back in June 2020. When actress Samantha Ware tweeted that Leah had made her experience on the hit show a living hell. Alex showed their support for Samantha by replying with this get her GIF. And of course, Samantha’s tweet opened the floodgates for other former costars of Leah to reveal how awful they’d been to them during that time.

Alex also explained that they only took a photo of Leah to be polite when she came to see once on this island in 2018. So three years after Alex supported Leah being called out for her mistreatment of others on set, they’re both on Broadway. While Leah wasn’t eligible for the Tony awards for her performance at Funny girl because she wasn’t the producer’s first choice to star in the show, alex gets to walk on by Leah as they accept their Tony ward.

I have wanted this my entire life. So just to recap, if you’re not following that’s one, tony ward for Alex Newell, zero for Lea Michele . Just in case you’re not comprehending what’s happening here, okay When Alex is up on stage, leah is clapping with her hands above her head. That means she really means it or she really wants to make sure we can see that she’s clapping.

And Alex technically thanked Leah in their speech. And I thank each and every one of you in this room right now, and they very well could have meant to include Leah. Like, I think about my own career and those who said no to me or prevented my growth, I just thought I’ll show you that might be the same for Alex. Instead of Leah’s mistreatment raining on their parade, alex might have used that for motivation.

And now they have a Tony Award. Interesting how that played out. Alex, I know this is going to trigger the Lee Michelle fans. I’m ready for it. Bring it on. What are your thoughts on Alex Newell getting to walk on by Lea Michele to accept their first Tony award.

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