Meghan Trainor Gives Birth, Welcomes Second Baby with Daryl Sabara

Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara officially have a family of four. The 29 year old singer took to her instagram on Tuesday to share the exciting news of welcoming their second son. Captioning the sweet post. On July 1, our seven year anniversary of our first date, we welcomed Barry Bruce Trainer into the world.

He was a big boy at eight pounds 7oz and sideways transverse. But we had an amazing, successful c section, and I finally got my skin to skin time. Thank you to all of the incredible doctors and nurses who took such great care of us.

The comment section of the joint instagram post loaded with love from the mother, singer and Spy Kids stars, friends and fellow Alisters. Paris Hilton wrote, congratulations, SIS. So happy for you. Mandy Moore penned go mama.

And welcome to the party, Barry. What a lucky dude. Angina Rodriguez commented, he is perfect. Congrats, sweet superhero mama. Barry joins the couple’s two year old son Riley act as Hollywood recently chatted with Megan back in April about her new book, dear Future Mama. And she opened up about being, quote, scared about a planned c section with baby number two.

I do want to ask about baby number two. How are you feeling? First of all, where are we at? We’re entering we’re in the third trimester. We’re almost there of like, ten weeks left. And I’m getting a c section with this one as well. Yeah. So I booked it, and as we get closer, I had no fear.

And as I get closer, me and my husband been talking about it and I’m like, oof, I’m scared because I just found out recently that when he got taken away with the baby, they were asking like, okay, what are your religious beliefs in case he dies? Or could we give him blood? All that.

And I was like, babe, are you okay? I didn’t know that.
What were you going through while I was suffering over here? So we were both like, oh, that wasn’t fun. But each way is tough giving birth. And we got this surrender, surrender, surrender. And the fact is that the two of you have each other.

So no matter what, at the end of the day, if I have him, I’ll get through anything. Everyone always asks what you’re going to name the baby. I’m not going to ask you what you name the baby, but what does Riley want to name the baby? Oh, there’s a name.

There’s been a name since this baby was ten weeks old. And Roddy looks at my belly and goes, baby, and then the name. So it’s pretty cute. I’m curious, what did your parents want to name you if they weren’t going to name you Megan? Morgan.

I was a Morgan, but there was a Morgan that was just born, like, right around me and Morgan and Jordan. I was like, I don’t love Megan, but I like those, I guess, better than morgan. I don’t know. They all just don’t seem the gender neutral thing. Like with Riley, too.

So, I mean, I guess it all yeah, they really wanted my older. They kind of had the same situation as me. Like, I wanted a girl named Riley, and I was like, either way, this baby will be named Riley. And for my older brother Ryan, they were like, we want a girl named Ryan.

That’d be so cool. But then they had a boy, and he’s still Ryan. He’s such a Ryan, though. Such a ryan. I love when you fit into the name. It’s like, yeah, you’re so Ryan. Close.

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