Nikki Haley sees husband off at National Guard deployment ceremony

The citadel’s football stadium filled with friends and families of soldiers headed overseas. It’s a chance for the the families and everybody to kind of, you know, be a part of the sendoff and make kind of include them. Hundreds of members of the 218th maneuver enhancement brigade are being deployed to Africa for a year to support the United States Africa command, primarily based out of a country called Djibouti.

There’s a little base there called camp Lemonier and we’re like the staff for the two star general there and we’ll work directly for her. A part of the brigade is the husband of presidential candidate Nikki Haley, major Michael Haley. The Haley family was all together Saturday to send him off. National guard members say it’s going to take people with the skill set major Haley has to do what they’re doing directly.

Things that like the secretary of defense, the president won’t done within the continent of Africa, we’re kind of controlling. So you really are seeing like the big picture of what American foreign policy is overseas. Soldiers say they know deployment is hard, not just for them but for families as well. And they’re thankful for their sacrifice. Thank you to them for dealing with all that.

So that way we can do our jobs and advance our careers and all that kind of stuff. In Charleston. Sophia Radebach. Count on two.

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