11 Pretty Pink Gel Nail Designs for Women

Pink gel nail designs are about as classic as it gets. They’re natural, classically feminine, and the most part is, they go with almost everything. Pink is a go-to color for many of us.

How do I choose a gel color?

How to choose the right gel nail polish for beautiful manicure :

  • color Choose a color that complements to their skin tone.
  • A best starting point is to choose a color that matches their skin tone.
  • Ask about their style and work.
  • A color that matches the season.
  • Share the latest trends.

How long do gel nails last?

But exactly how long does gel polish last? If applied to best healthy nails, you can expect a gel manicure to last between two and three weeks.

Wonderful Pink Gel Nail Designs for Girls:

If you’re tired of rocking the same old basic pink nail art, however, there are tons of cute ways to change up your pink mani. Here are the 11 pretty pink gel nail designs for women. So let’s start with us.

1. Pink Gel Nail Designs

Pink Gel Nail Designs

There are times when you yearn for a little hint of offbeat to your look, even if you’ve always been plain and simple. It combines a glitz and nice soft pink with extreme ease, featuring alternating coats of the two. Hope you will like this.

The dark pink glitter with a slight addition of multi-colored bits doesn’t quite match the rest of the tips covered in shiny pink, yet they both seem to add to each other’s wonderful in the kind of contrast they bring. Whether you’ve got long acrylic nails or natural short tips, you can try this pink gel nail designs.

2. Add A Subtle Shimmer To Nude Pink Nails

Pink Gel Nail Designs

Thanks to glitter looking so versatile, this design has a subtle way of glittering. And here’s the problem with that beautiful gel nail design – just use nude pink to paint your tips, group them for accents.

With one of them coated in white, the pink one creates a zig-zag of color in the middle of a glossy calculator pen, while the star element is the color of the tip. As overwhelming as it looks, this pink gel nail designs easy to art within a 10 minutes of time.

3. Pink Gel Nails With Silver Glitters

Pink Gel Nail Designs

For just this wonderful one shade of nude pink and a dash of silver glitter, it couldn’t possibly be more convenient to make a spectacular mark with your fingertips. The eye-catching pink gel nail designs dazzles with her glittery silver-coated nails the moment she manages to catch her first glimpse.

You don’t need to any other elements of decoration or a lot of color when you bring this idea to life on large acrylic nails made in a excellent square shape at the tips. That’s what you say pleasant!

4.  Matte Chrome Nail Design

Pink Gel Nail Designs

Matt and Chrome are two best opposite poles of the planet quite similar – but they do not say that opposites attract each other very well, often do not compliment each other.

This pink gel nail designs does just that by combining matte with chrome in bright golden and pretty pink shades. While the matte pink covers most of your nail, the tips are painted in a gorgeous ‘V’ at the top, which is  definitely charming in golden beauty at its best. Isn’t it undeniable?

5. A Little Bit Nude Nails

Pink Gel Nail Designs

A timeless pink gel nail designs with a little bit nude. This wonderful gel nail art is truly amazing and will see you through every month and every outfit. Its subtlety means that it will work with best if not all skin tones, from warm to cool. You can try it at home.

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6. Candy Shop Gel Nail

Pink Gel Nail Designs

Candy Shop pink gel nail designs delivers the prettiest pop of candy pink while you have some fun. We love this pink because it’s not too bright or too pale – just a good medium.

Candy Shop is the great partner for summer dresses with florals and warm beach shirts, but also looks best with a nice little black dress. Pairing well with grey, beige and navy, this pink gel nail designs is perfect for when you want to add a little flash of colour.

7. Baby Cakes Gel Nail

Pink Gel Nail Designs

A favorite of many, baby cake gel nail design is a awesome treat for your nails. What we love most about this gel nail art shade is the ultra-pretty silver glitter that shines all over it.

Achieve a full coverage look by applying 3+ coats, or wear over a pink gel art to give a shimmery finish. This pink gel nail designs add a little something extra to your classic pastels.

8. Neon Barbie Gel Nail 

Pink Gel Nail Designs

When you want a true sound out shade, Neon Barbie is the gel art for you – a true Barbie pink. Memorable, fun and chic, what not to love!  The control looks best on its own, but if you want to tone it down, try adding some leaders, like pink French tips or pink hearts on a bare base. Use sparingly, as this gel nail ideas does not attract char. This pink ticks all the boxes for us!

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9.  Hot Gel Nail Art

Pink Gel Nail Designs

This best hot little number is truly one of a kind – the photos don’t even do it the justice it deserves! Bordering on a neon, this pink gel nail designs is quite sheer in application, so we recommend applying over just white, white rubber base or white builder gel.

A soft mix between shimmery pink, holographic and subtle gold throughout. What else can we really say – it’s got the amazing factor! This is one of those hot gel nail design colors that you must have.

10. Sparkle Pink Nail Design

Pink Gel Nail Designs

Hot pink nails can be a little too loud. You can used a subtle, feminine touch by applying light pink polish to the other nails, accented with hot pink lines! These colors are the perfect complement to any nail art design! You can wear necklace  and bracelet with this pink gel nail designs.

11. Pink Gel Manicure

Pink Gel Nail Designs

A slightly darker pink than baby pink still screams beautiful. With a glittery light pink polish on a nail or two, these just scream “badass lady”! Try this pink gel nail designs with long sleeves gown.

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