16 Best Purple Nails For A Beautiful Look

Purple Nails is a hue that represents authority and royalty. Depending on the hue you select, it can make your nails look either elegant or cute.

We have the best purple nail designs, so if you’ve been admiring this shade, look no further. For your next manicure, we’ve collected 16 of the best purple nail design ideas from around the web.

What does purple nail color symbolize?

Purple is not just associated with royalty, but also with ambition and sophistication. Use this color to bring out your inner queen because historically it has been linked to nobility.

Do purple nails look good?

Almost any skin tone looks fantastic with the color purple. To determine the ideal color to utilize, simply match the hues to your skin tone.

Choose deep purple hues like aubergine or amethyst if you have fair to medium skin. However, pastel hues like lavender or violet may look good on someone with dark complexion.

What goes well with purple nails?

Many hues go well with purple nails. It relies on the design’s concept and style. It can be used with opposing hues like orange, red, and green. Alternately, you can combine it with pink or nude to make a relaxed color scheme.

Additionally, you may blend it with various purple hues to produce a monochromatic color scheme.

Nice Purple Nails Design For Girls:

We have them all on our list, from short to long nails to basic to intricate patterns.To find your next purple nail inspiration, continue reading and scroll down.

1. Glossy Aubergine Nails

Glossy Aubergine Nails 

Choose dark purple nails for a striking yet understated style, and add a glossy top coat to give it sheen.

2. Purple Maleficent Nails

Purple Maleficent Nails

If you want to look edgy, opt for these purple Nails. The deep violet hue on this one goes really well with the arrowhead nail shape! Try it finger ring and bracelet.

3. Purple Nails With Iridescent Butterflies

Purple Nails With Iridescent Butterflies

Your accent nails should be transparent, and they should be painted with a mixture of light and dark purple manicure polish and lovely small butterfly stickers. For instance, we adore how this pattern makes you appear to be donning a dome of butterflies!

4. Purple & Gold Butterflies

Purple & Gold Butterflies

Show your nail tech this lovely pattern on your subsequent visit to the salon. You get the impression that you’re in a fairyland because of the butterflies and gold flakes, which all have a magical appearance.

5. Dark Purple and Magenta Almond Nails

Dark Purple and Magenta Almond Nails

Glossy manicure paint and chunky ombré glitter blend nicely together, particularly in this nail design with a dark-purple and magenta color scheme.

6. Painted Stars And Diagonal Tips

Painted Stars And Diagonal Tips

We adore the way various purple hues can harmonize when coupled with white. Choose this one if you want a distinctive appearance with wavy diagonal tips and white stars that shimmer without glitter!

7. White, Pink, And Purple Swirl Nails

White, Pink, And Purple Swirl Nails

Use swirl nail art to create a fanciful nail design that makes you think of unicorns if pink, white, and purple are your favorite rainbow colors!

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8. Gold and Purple Marble

Gold and Purple Marble

Despite being long, these nails are attractive. To create a beautiful manicure, the marbled lavender designs seamlessly meld with gold glitter outlines on a bare foundation.

9. Purple Halloween Nails

Purple Halloween Nails

We get Halloween feelings with the thick sparkly black tips, tiny silver lines, and black leaves on the deep purple nails. So why not sport this manicure on that occasion?

10. Glitter Outlined Nails

Glitter Outlined Nails

Simpler designs always tend to look best on shorter nails. This manicure with pastel purple nails and a glitter outline manages to impress us while looking simple to create.

11. Electric-Purple Nails

Electric-Purple Nails

Try painting two nails the same shade of pink to lessen the intensity of electric-purple nail lacquer. The mani will then bloom as you add some pink and purple petals.

12. Black And White Polka Dots

Black And White Polka Dots

It’s a minimalist design. Use two different hues of purple and a black-and-white polka dot pattern to make your purple accent stand out. After that, use nude-colored nail polish to cover the remaining nails.

13. Enchanted Nails

Enchanted Nails

Choose this manicure if you want to wear a celestial design. You feel as though you’ve been transported to a wonderful realm by the striking colors, star stickers, and exquisite silver chrome swirls.

14. Dreamy Purple Nails

Dreamy Purple Nails

Purple-cloud tips with glitter? Please, yes! It’s difficult to believe that you can paint this artwork on nails because of the crisp lines that each cloud and the stars have.

15. Outlined Purple Hearts

Outlined Purple Hearts

Go ahead and paint your nails purple if you’re sick of drawing hearts on them in red or pink. We adore how the gold outlines on these hearts make them resemble stickers.

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16. Lilac Moon and Stars

Why not use a purple background instead of the customary blue and black one when painting moon and star patterns on your nails? And to some of them, add a butterfly accent to give them a dreamy, whimsical appearance.

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