18 Best Simple Beach Nail Ideas for Summer vacation

Make sure you are prepared with few simple beach nail ideas before departing on that sunny vacation. Although summer has here, it’s entirely natural if you’re still fixated on your spring nails. The first time we tried changing time, things got a little complicated.

And that means it’s time to drink on a pia colada and decorate your nails with few gorgeous beach-themed nail art. What’s not to love about the beach, from the mesmerizing waves to the sand in your bathing suit?

There are several beachy looks to pick from before you pack your bags with these Manicure art, which range from palm trees and mermaids to nautical-themed nail art. which is ideal following paint drying

 Simple Beach Nail Design for Ladies:

Here are the 18 best simple beach nail ideas for summer vacation. So let’s start with us.

1. Simple Beach Nail Ideas

Dip Manicure

These beach-themed nails are incredible. In a dip manicure, a powder is applied to your nails to give them a uniform, smooth surface. Try it with beautiful dress and enjoy it. Hope you will like this.

2. Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset Nails Ideas

I’m reminded of a summer beach sunset by these plain nails ideas. I would choose hues like blue and orange for your nails if you wanted them to resemble a sunrise.

3. Mermaid Nails

Mermaid Nails Designs

Actually, I’ve never seen this mermaid tail nails before, and I’m in awe of them.

This simple beach nail ideas looks fantastic with natural nails, which is a terrific feature. I suggest using these mermaid nail wraps if you want to do your own nails.

4. Purple and Blue

Purple and Blue Nails

You may have noticed that blue is a common color for beach-themed manicures. I decided it would be great to add a little purple to the mixture because of this.

5. White Seashell Nails

White Seashell Nails

These nice white seashell simple beach nail ideas, in my opinion, would be ideal for a summer wedding or other outdoor gathering.

6. Muted Colors

Muted Colors Nail

These beautiful tan and cream-colored simple beach nail ideas are the way to go if you want muted hues but yet want to have fun with your nails.

7. Gems and Texture

Gems and Texture Nail

These nails feature a lot of texture and several diamonds. This pattern is suitable if you want to go all out with your beach nails.

8. Beachy Nails

Beachy Nails

This is a very cool beachy design to take into consideration if you have long nails. A gorgeous nail design can be achieved without acrylics.

9. Hand-Painted Nails

Hand-Painted Nails

Beautiful summer nails with hand-painted art. They appear straightforward but are actually highly intricate and distinctive.

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10. Simple and Trendy

Simple and Trendy Nails

I adore it when I come across a stunning pair of press-on nails. The beach or summer in general go best with these vibrant nails.

11. Orange and Gold Glitter

Orange and Gold Glitter Nails

The ideal vacation nails are these orange and gold glitter ones. These nails would look excellent on you if you were going on a beach trip.

12. Sea Bed Gradient

Sea Bed Gradient Nails

Sea bed gradient is used on these nautical nails. The color selection made was wonderful. The combination of hues is gorgeous.

13. Bold Colors

Bold Colors Nail

Here is a pattern fit for a trip to Hawaii. If you like this design, ask your nail technician if you can experiment with a different color scheme.

14. Natural Nails

Natural Nails

This adorable and straightforward nail style will highlight your natural nails. Play around with various blue and white tones. Try it with beach dress.

15. Gold Foil Accents

These nails have beautiful gold foil accents and an aqua blue color scheme. For a day by the pool, these nails are ideal.

16. Negative Space Waves

Negative Space Waves Nails

This negative space wave mani is a low-effort, high-impact style, much like the “lazy river” of manicures. You merely need a striping brush to aid in precision when it comes to the instruments. Stone suggests using a striping brush to get near to cuticles without creating a mess. Start by drawing wavy lines around the sides of the nail bed. The non-uniformity of this art is what gives it the wow-factor; you can get creative by varying your lines on every nail. Once your squiggly lines are drawn, use the brush from your polish bottle to paint two coats over the bare centre of the nail to fill in the spaces.

Apply a top coat after your labor has dried to smooth out any unwelcome textures in the polish. Become a little too esoteric? Stone reassures, “Use a tiny concealer brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean up around the edges if you accidentally paint outside the lines.”

17. Tropical Palms

Tropical Palms Nail

With a nice palm frond manicure that screams for a beverage and a little umbrella, give your nails the Tulum treatment. Apply a base coat that is neutral first, then take out your striping brush and two to three hues of green for the palms. “Using different color greens helps give the look dimension,” Stone further explains.

Then, paint on the leaves coming out of both sides of the stems, she says, after giving your nails a few minutes to dry down before applying your top coat. “Add a striping brush dipped in your darkest green paint stems coming from all different directions on your nails,” she advises.

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18. Watermelon Slices

Watermelon Slices Nail

The fruit watermelon is the greatest representative of summer. Give your hands a pleasant and fashionable makeover by putting a tiny bit of watermelon on each nail. What you’ll need is as follows: Along with a nude base, a striping brush, a dotting tool, and polishes in black, two hues of green, and red.

Since there are several polishes needed for this look, you might want to add a few droplets to a palette to keep them all together. Stone advises putting polish on a piece of aluminum foil for quick access when add a striping brush or dotting tool if you don’t have a painter’s palette.

Use the brush from your red polish bottle to sweep slices of watermelon onto each nail after applying on your nude foundation. The rind should next be added using a light green stripe that is closest to the red and a deeper green stripe on the exterior using your striping brush. Grab a toothpick, bobby pin, or dotting tool, dip it into the black polish, and add it to lightly paint on the seeds. Finish with your clear top coat after allowing it to dry.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these lovely simple beach nail ideas. They are ideal for the summer or any other time you may use some sunshine in your life.

You may choose the best design to complement your personality and sense of style thanks to the wide variety of options available.

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