Missing Titanic Submarine Updates: 10,000 Square Miles Searched

Missing Titanic sub updates: 10,000 square miles searched

Well, now to a race against time to rescue five people inside a submarine lost at sea. And they are searching thousands of square miles at this moment. The sub was touring the wreckage of the Titanic when it disappeared. Officials told us today that people inside have less than 40 hours of oxygen, too. … Read more

Kim Kardashian REACTS to Kourtney’s Pregnancy Announcement

Kim Kardashian REACTS to Kourtney's Pregnancy Announcement

Kim Kardashian congratulates Kourtney on her pregnancy, despite the ongoing feud. Hey dear, We are going to talk about Kim and Kourtney. Now, let’s talk about Kim and Kourtney. So, as you guys may or may not know, kourtney Kardashian has recently announced her pregnancy. That’s right. Collectively, she will be having baby number seven … Read more

Kourtney Kardashians Pregnancy In Trouble! She Finally Opens Up About Sad Detail

Kourtney Kardashians Pregnancy

The news took the rest of the family by surprise, but congratulations poured in for Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker from all corners of the Kar Jenner’s universe. During Travis’s concert, Kourtney pleasantly shocked her partner with an unexpected pregnancy announcement, and it didn’t take long for the well wishes to start flooding in without … Read more

At least 20 shot, 1 fatally, in Illinois after Juneteenth celebration turns violent


20 people were shot, one killedduring some kind of gathering. Fox 32s Nate Rogers is live now inWillow Brook with what he’s learned tonight. Nate?Yeah, absolutely. I’m tian. Anthony. This was a horrific shooting indeed. We’re learning many of the victims were simply bystanders attending this event. Now, this was the third year in a … Read more

Everwood Star Treat Williams Dead at 71 in Motorcycle Accident

Treat Williams

Everwood star Treat Williams has died. The actor’s family confirms the news in a statement saying it is with great sadness that we report that our beloved Treat Williams has passed away tonight in Dorset, Vermont after a fatal motorcycle. Accident. As you can imagine, we are shocked and greatly bereaved at this time. The … Read more