What happens to a ring I’ve already ordered?

Hi we’ve been dating and went ring shopping, things were great. After a little time I finally found a ring, ordered, and put 20% down on an engagement ring. Since that time things have just gone down hill for the relationship. Do I just call the 20% a loss and not pick it up? Or do I pick it up, pay the remaining 80% and hope I can recoup more?

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Mostly, Do not pick up the ring thinking you can sell it. You won’t be able to get anything close to what you paid. Ask for store credit or forfeit the 20%. In my experience, 20% would be what you could recoup when selling pre-owned, even if it’s never been worn. So do not pay any more than the 20% you’ve already paid. Talk with the jeweler and see what can be done.

Explain to the vendor what is happening in your relationship and that an engagement most likely will not occur. If you love the jewelry selections the vendor offers, inquire if you can receive a store credit equal to the 20% cost you’ve incurred to be utilized with that Jewler towards any future purchases? It’s worth a shot. *Good luck to you and I am sorry that your plans have fallen through.

Yes I agree. I wasn’t sure if I could re-coup more of the 20% by actually picking it up or not. Sounds like store credit is the best route.

What happens to a ring I've already ordered?

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